Pandemic Teaching

Teaching during a pandemic (pre-vaccine) caused Amy to change her pedagogical approach to her teaching craft.

Post Covid19 lockdown and before the 2020 school year began, Amy spoke on VPR, expressing her feelings about teaching during a pandemic with all the protocols which were put in place by the Department of Education.

During the 2020-2021 school year, Amy decided to take her teaching gig outside the building to keep her students, their families, herself and her family safe. She taught in a tent (until it collapsed under the weight of snow and ice) and eventually received a Ryan Truss with generous donations from members of the Rochester community and beyond. Here is a link to Here and Now,           an NPR segment about the Ryan Truss Amy is honored to use at two different campuses where she lovingly educates children outdoors.

The Following are links to The Herald of Randolph Newspaper in reverse chronological order (you must pay to have a subscription to open)

Please note: The Herald of Randolph is published once a week paper and still costs only $1 each Thursday is you want to hold it in your hands (In other words, it’s not a big city paper so EVERYTHING is newsworthy.)

Act 46 has affected Rochester, Vermont. Here is an article where Amy was quoted speaking out against the affects on her town” Act 46 opinion

There is a program at the Rochester Public Library that supports each child reading 1,000 books by the time he/she arrives at kindergarten. This is a picture of Amy with one of her future students who accomplished this goal. Kindergartner Meets Goal

The following is a letter to the editor Amy wrote against the School Merger plan: Letter to the editor

Amy attended a local theater production and wrote a play review: Play review of “Rumours”

Amy’s play “I’m Telling” was in a local production of “Homegrown Theater” by the White River Valley Players: Homegrown Theater

Amy acted in a play called “Words, Words, Words” as a chimp with a typewriter: Three Funny Plays

Amy’s mother sewed quilts and presented the kindergarten class with quilts for rest time at Rochester School: Quilts Article and picture

Amy was featured as a staff member of the month at Rochester School” Staff Profile

Amy performed in “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas” for the White River Valley Players: Night Before the Night Before Christmas

Amy’s play “Hurricane Helpers” was performed in a post-Irene fundraiser: “Hurricane Helpers”

Amy wrote an article about a kid’s craft for Christmas: Little Hands Busy

Amy’s kindergarten class was pictured on the front page of the Thanksgiving edition of the newspaper: Thanksgiving Turkeys

Amy wrote an article to summarize a Pulitzer-prize winning author’s visit to Pierce Hall: Ron Suskind

Amy and one of the main character’s from her non-fiction children’s book got together with “Lucky” to celebrate and sign books: I am Not a Cow Year Anniversary

Amy wrote a book about a “One-in-a-hundred-year-Storm” that took place in Hancock, Vermont: “I am Not a Cow”

The Village School in Hancock had to close its doors, but there was a wonderful program to mark the event. Last day of Village School

As a result of “The Story” on NPR, a good Samaritan decided to come to Hancock and fix the bell: Fixing bell

The students from the Village School went to the home of a local couple to watch the first black president take his oath: Obama inauguration

Amy won a contest for her holiday story Rare Coins in a Red Bucket.